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Next Monthly Gathering
Friday, November 7, 2014
Bama Wings gathering -- The Front Porch Restaurant, Hwy 43 north, Northport. Eat 6pm / Meet 7pm
October - 2014
25,  Sat--T-O-D-A-Y-
 -Chapter Rider -- Chille Supper at Jennings Ferry Canpground-Ride leaves PNC Bank, Skyland Blvd-3:00 pm
 -Chapter Activity -- Campout-Jennings Ferry COE Campground
26,  Sun-Chapter Activity -- Campout-Jennings Ferry COE Campground
November - 2014
1,  Sat-Local Event -- 8th Annual J. Collier 906 Charity Motorcycle Ride for Eagles' Wings-Ride Starts and Ends at Eagles' Wings, 12379 Eagles' Wings Drive, Coker AL- Registration $25 Starts at 9:00; Ride Begins at 10:00
 -Chapter Fundraiser -- There will be a Free Dinner at Greg & Sally Murphys house. November 1-5:00pm Donations will be taken for the Chapters Needy Family Roger Lucas Will be Guess Speaker Will have 50/25/25 RSVP Sally 205-292-6262
7,  Fri-Bama Wings gathering -- The Front Porch Restaurant, Hwy 43 north, Northport. Eat 6pm / Meet 7pm
11,  Tue-Veterans' Day (Armistice Day)
October - 2014
8,  Wed-Randy Key's Birthday
10,  Fri-Eddie & Margie Shirley' Anniversary
22,  Wed-Paul & Carolyn Rhinehart's Anniversary
27,  Mon-Carolyn's Birthday

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AL-T Hueytown (Tri-County Wings) Meeting
-- Home Plate Diner, 2780 Allison Bonnett Memorial Drive, Hueytown - Eat 6:00pm / Meet 7:00pm
[Next Meeting: Friday, November 21, 2014]
AL-Y Birmingham (Liberty Wings) Meeting
-- Sherry's Cafe, 5800 Valley Rd, Trussville - Eat 6:00pm / Meet 7:00pm
[Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 11, 2014]

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Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.

-- Mark Twain

Safety Tips

We Ride--We Assume Risk

We all assume a certain level of risk when we ride our motorcycles. Our main concern is usually the 4000 pound SUV crossing in-front of us at an intersection and the driver being oblivious to our existence as they chat on their cell phone. That being said, another risk motorcyclists encounter is the Road Hazard.

Road hazards are obstacles such as speed bumps, potholes, debris and road kill. Having given you all the obstacle hazards you WILL encounter on your ride, how can you effectively prepare and react to such hazards. Think back to school for a second and refresh yourself on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's SEE method. What is SEE again? Search, Evaluate, Execute. If you use the searching and evaluating effectively this can help you avoid the obstacles mentioned above.

  • Practice your quick-reaction counter steering. You can go to a vacant parking lot and place some coke cans out and as you get close, practice your quick obstacle avoidance counter steer to swerve around the object without braking. The idea being that the bike is agile and can avoid an object.
  • Do not tail gate the vehicle in front of you. If there was a 2 by 4 in the road and you were too close to the guy in front of you, you would not effectively see the board in time and hit it. If it were something larger or road kill, it might have resulted in an accident. If you don't have to run over it don't. Don't forget to watch for the obstacles
  • Now if you have time to react and you are unable to avoid the object, be sure to slow as much as time and traffic will permit.
    • Approach the obstacle at a 90 degree angle. Most commonly, when you encounter railroad tracks that are offset or uneven pavement.
    • Rise slightly off the seat and shift your weight rearward, ease off of the throttle. Why? You do not want power applied to the rear wheel when it encounters the object. Once you have the bike stable and free of the obstacle, resume seated. If it was a hard impact you should pull over and check for damage.
  • For handling live critter avoidance. If you see the critter and have time to slow down, do so. Be mindful of traffic behind you. With dogs, it is best to slow, then if the dog is making a b-line for you, increase throttle. For deer, this is the worse case, it is best to slow as much as possible until you are past.
  • Here is a somewhat related obstacle avoidance tip. When it rains, all of the dropped oil from the cars makes for a real slick surface. So be mindful of where you put your foot down and place your tires.

In conclusion, I hoped to have provided some useful tips on basic obstacle avoidance. I strongly believe it is not the number of years that you have ridden a motorcycle; it is your experience and skillful use of the machine that really matter.

Rhonda Stiles

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